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What are the minimum system requirements?

For practical use you will need a Pentium or higher class computer, 64 MB of system RAM, a compatible NIC, and Internet Access.

Why do I need a Pentium Processor?

Okay, you don't - however anything slower is hard to get 64 MB of RAM into, and won't complete work units very often, although I have had a 486 work (on 32 MB RAM), it just took about 2 weeks per work unit.

Nice Product, But How Do I Change The User Credit to go to Me?

Here is the quick and dirty answer:
Either telnet in, or go the the second physical terminal at the PC (Ctrl+Alt+F2)
Type "ps" look for a line with "./setiathome" in it - note the PID number on the left
Type "Kill" [space] then the PID number from above
Type "cd /mnt/ram2"
Type "rm user_info.sah" - answer yes, you want to remove that file
Type "./setiathome" - it will then ask you for YOUR information

Why do I need 64 MB System RAM?

Here is the breakdown:
14    MB for SETI - It's a Memory Hog
8      MB for two 4 MB RAM Drives - holds the work units
        and the setiathome program
8      MB for the base Linux system to run - will run on less -
        but you will get 'Bus Errors'
30    MB Grand Total
So you probably  don't need 64 MB - but I 'Bus Errors' happen on only 32 MB

What is a 'Bus Error'?

Add memory, or disable some extras (http, ftp, other servers) and this error will go away.  This is what happens when F R E E S C O (or ZipSlack) runs out of memory.  It will crunch Seti best with at least 64 MB of system RAM.

Why did you use F R E E S C O as a base for your Seti Cruncher?
Why didn't you just start from scratch - Wouldn't that have been better?

I used F R E E S C O as the base to my Seti Cruncher because of 3 main reasons:
A.    I'm good at getting around in Linux, but not so good that I could re-create what have taken other people years to do
B.    The main LRP project has gone down - so a good base for a single disk Linux is hard to find
C.    F R E E S C O has the best network card support that I have ever seen for a disk version of Linux

Who Created LFDSC?

I go under many names - more or less just M2 - you may also know me as 'chewy' 'tree' 'mazter' or just Andrew Fugier
See my website HERE Logo